Anchoring Epoxy Powers AC100+ Gold Quik-Shot 10 oz
Price: $17.99

This two-part anchoring epoxy can be applied with a regular (heavy duty) caulking gun. Installed as per the manufacturer's instructions, it is suitable for anchoring glue-in bolts. It can also be used to reinforce holds, however it has very poor texture — you do not want to grab this stuff, ever! Sets gray. Comes with 1 mixing nozzle; we recommend you purchase extra mixing nozzles. Working and curing times depend on temperature (see manufacturer's instructions). Use as per the manufacturer's instructions: view/download here.

This epoxy sets up fast in the nozzle, especially if it's warm out. If you don't plan to use it continuously, we recommend that you squirt a half shot out of the nozzle approximately every five minutes to prevent wasted nozzles.

Current batch expires Nov 2017.

SKU: epoxy- AC 100
Price: $17.99