Climb Tech 1/2

Removable Bolt half inch
Price: $62.95

ClimbTech's half inch Removable Bolt is an essential tool for bolting steep rock. The device locks into a shallow half-inch hole, enabling you to aid off it and place a permanent anchor. This is the newest model: improved features include cable stiffener, bigger trigger, and one-piece cleaning bushing.

Tips: To facilitate removal, don't set your removable bolt too deeply in a hole. Ideally, the camming part of the unit should be entirely in the hole, but the base of the camming wedges should be flush with or only very slighty sunk into the hole. If your RB becomes stuck, use a punch to gently tap the base of one of the camming wedges into the hole. This will remove pressure on the cone and help you remove the RB.

SKU: removeable bolt
Price: $62.95


Manufacturer: ClimbTech

Strength Rating: 2400 lbs

Hole Diameter: 1/2"