ClimbTech Steel Quick Draw

Steel Carabiner Project Draw
As low as $14.75

Heavy-duty workhorse draw is perfect for leaving on your project in high-traffic areas. These are recommended at areas like Rifle Mountain Park where wear-sharpened aluminum biners have become a hazard on many routes. It's also a perfect first draw to save wear on your sporty biners!

ClimbTech steel oval carabiner on top will not get notched by hangers as easily as aluminum, and captive-pin bottom carabiner makes clipping easy. 4" (11 cm) nylon dogbone.

Please note that these draws are bomber, but heavy at ~3/4 lb each!  

SKU: SteelDraw
From $14.75 to $15.50

1-9 Draws: $15.50 per draw

10+ Draws: $14.75 per draw



Manufacturer: ClimbTech

Strength Rating for oval carabiner: 24kN lengthways, 8 kN widthways, 7 kN gate open

Strength Rating for captive-pin carabiner: 30kN lengthways

Weight: approximately 320 grams