Climb Tech Steel Carabiner With Captive Pin

ClimbTech Steel Carabiner with Captive Pin
As low as $8.50

This steel carabiner has an aluminum gate, bent-gate design, and captive pin. It has a great clipping action, perfect for perma-draws and rock gyms. The captive pin prevents the carabiner from flipping or being stolen. 

Note: we have limited quantities of the old style biners with the threaded pin that requires a 2 mm allen wrench. We are now carrying the new ones that have a pressure fit, and only need gentle tapping to install the pin, but will require a needle nose pliers to remove it once fitted on. Please let us know if you have a preference.

SKU: carabiner- captive pin
From $8.50 to $8.95

1-19 carabiners: $8.95 each

20+ carabiners: $8.50 each



Manufacturer: ClimbTech

Strength Rating: 30kN lengthways.

Weight: 132 grams