Titan Climbing All Titanium Anchor Set
Price: $84.95

All titanium anchor set with included 2 long Eterna Bolts, 2 quicklinks, and ring

SKU: Ti Anchor Set
Price: $84.95


All Titanium anchor set includes two 110mm Eterna bolts and a forged anchor ring connected with two screw links. The links are 'glued' with threadlock to help prevent theft and loosening due to vibration but still allow disassembly with tools should the ring ever wear out. This way, only the ring needs to be replaced and not the whole anchor to reduce long term maintenance costs to a minimum.

The thick and extemely durable one piece forged ring is free to spin randomly each time the rope is pulled as it doesn't have a weld to catch.

Tested and certified to EN959

Massive breaking load of 70kN. Every Eterna bolt is proof loaded to 12kN, screw links to 17kN and the ring to 20kN. All parts date stamped for full traceability.

Proudly made in Sheffield, the heart of UK manufacturing excellence.